Cosmetics from the Nature

Suomi Peat and Plants Oy manufactures cosmetic raw materials from the pure Finnish nature. The raw materials are gathered from swamps, forests and fields. The main raw material in our product family is peat, but we also manufacture products from berries, birch sap, pine bark and flaxseed. Besides pure, Finnish nature is also perceived as rather exotic in the world since its plantae is very different from, say, south of Europe. In addition, its survival over the long winter in the frozen ground is considered a miracle. Plants have been selected in such way that they are able to produce large amounts of antioxidants and other valuable compounds in order to survive in harsh weather conditions. These compounds also make the plants fascinating raw materials for cosmetics, as they are active substances that nourish and protect the skin from aging, keeping it supple.

The product concept is called Nordic Beauty, and it was presented for the first time in an international cosmetic trade show in Paris in April 2016